Sabong Winning Strategies

All About 14 Sabong Winning Strategies Must Consider 2023

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Online sabong has been rapidly gaining popularity in the Philippines. So many people still want to participate in the frenzy surrounding it.

Online gambling may be a great way for some individuals to pass the time, but it may also be a great way for others to make extra money and put their futures completely in the hands of fate.

Others have been playing for so long that they have developed many tactics to ensure victory or good strategies to recoup their losses.

Sometimes people receive a fortuitous break and are glad enough to accept it. Others, however, rely on strategies such as tips & tactics to win in online sabong rather than just luck.

In this article we will discuss about latest 14 sabong winning strategies that will be helpful for a player to win Gcash. 

14 Sabong Winning Strategies:

Here are some helpful Sabong Winning Strategies you must consider

The tic-tac pattern is one of the most well-known strategies for winning at online sabong. It can be found on practically every list of strategies for winning at online sabong. This refers to the pattern in each match’s winning trends.

2. A pattern of alternating twice:

A popular strategy for winning at online sabong is the alternating twice pattern.

This implies that the winning corners would alternate every two victories, for example, “meron” “meron” followed by “wala” “wala.”

The sabong experts’ list of tips and methods for winning at online sabong includes this useful advice. This suggests that you must pay attention to the previous game results. That is typically shown on each page’s side.

They are typically marked with the inscriptions “red = meron” and “blue = wala.”Therefore, confirm you know these exact sabong words before starting to wager and give these tips and methods to win online sabong.

3. Regular practice:

Start frequently practicing to become accustomed to putting bets accurately without making expensive mistakes once you are familiar with the platform’s rules and have researched various cockfighting techniques.

As they say, “Practice makes perfect”! You should also consider participating in competitions or mock tournaments through the site, as these are fantastic opportunities to improve your abilities against other talented players worldwide!

4. Random betting:

 Make a Sudden Change or a Random Bet Winning sabong ultimately comes down to chance, fate, and your capacity for intuition. 

5. Select a reputable platform:

Before beginning a live online Sabong, it is crucial to use a reliable platform. The likelihood of winning is significantly higher when using a reputable, long-running website, such as the sabong international game inside the sabong community.

Before signing up, conduct thorough research on the platform by reading reviews and client comments.

6. Pay attention to the gamecocks’ actions:

One of the best and most well-liked online sabong winning strategies is to watch the gamecocks’ actions before the game.

Gamblers at Sabong often bet on the rooster they think is battling the hardest and has the highest chance of winning. It’s a rather common approach for successful online sports betting tips.

7. Useful Apps And Tools:

If used appropriately, useful tools and tracking apps can make playing e-sabong easier. And these tools also provide useful information that can help you decide which betting opportunities are most promising.

Before every game, try downloading some of these applications for free to your mobile. They frequently have useful functions like:

  • Showing previous results
  • Calculating chances,
  • Offering live updates, etc.

One of the most well-known and useful sabong-winning techniques is always watching for the most popular submissions.

Even if these well-known competitors also suffered defeats, the win-loss ratio would still be 10:3. The win ratio is still fantastic. Therefore it’s still a wonderful method to increase your profits.

9. Pick the rooster with the best winning streak:

Fortunately, you can understand how skilled a gamefowl fighter is through playing online sabong. The trends section of a live cockfight has circles of various colors towards the bottom.

The blue circle denotes the number of losses, or wala, and the red circle denotes the number of victories, or meron. The yellow circle displays the number of draw matches.

You need to look at the colour that predominates in the trends area to know which gamefowls to be on in upcoming bouts. 

10. Take note of the announcers’ roosters’ statistics:

There are announcers in online sabong just like there are in real cockfighting. They provide commentary on the fight, which heightens the tension.

The commentators give the statistics of the competing gamefowls before the actual match starts. These comprise victories, defeats, draws, and their present weight. Betting on a team with a proven track record of success is advisable. 

11. Watch the rooster’s posture and movements:

Now watch how they use their beaks to soar and jump. Consider their power, endurance, and agility as well.

Bettors and the rest of the audience can view and judge which gamefowl is superior before the combat starts. This is similar to how roosters are shown in the ring before a match for the audience’s benefit. 

Watch how they utilize their beak, fly, and jump now. Analyze their strength, stamina, and agility as well. Because you need to know if the gamefowl can still compete despite suffering injuries, stamina is crucial. 

You should also examine the roosters’ feathers. Glossy gamefowl suggests that it has been fed and treated well. A rooster that isn’t particularly shiny has probably been in battle. Given its past, it might be challenging for it.

12. Research Cockfighting Techniques:

Cockfighting tactics are methods seasoned players employ to improve their chances of succeeding on legitimate e-sabong platforms.

It is critical to completely comprehend cockfighting methods in order to gain an advantage over other players who may not know as much as you do. Investigate several strategies for a while before settling on the winning tactics that work best for you.

13. Understand When to Break:

Even though nobody enjoys losing, everyone today needs to take a break from gambling every so often. Even expert gamblers occasionally take a break after experiencing long streaks of losing bets! Remember that playing e-sabong involves concentration and focus. Therefore, regular breaks will help you clear your mind so that you return refreshed and restore your focus.

14. Place your bet on the favorite:

One corner is designated “llamado” for a reason, and GoPerya sabong experts generally advise against taking chances in favor of playing it safe and betting on the favorite gamecock.

It is strongly encouraged to first choose the safest option rather than starting an impulsive betting spree that could be negative in the long run.


Playing  sabong online is a breeze when you use the slow but sure strategy. Of course, you can still win money if you make a hefty initial bet. However, playing the long game would take more time and raise the stakes. Always keep in mind to play a variety of games.

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