Gamefowl Breeding Farms

Gamefowl Breeding Farms – All You Need To Know For Breeding 2023

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A gamefowl breeding farm is a breeding, raising, and training facility for gamefowls (gamecocks, fighting cocks, or gamefowls). 

Gamefowl breeding farms are agricultural facilities where fighting cocks, commonly called gamefowl, are kept and bred for cockfighting.

These farms can range in size from modest backyard operations to large commercial operations.

In this article, we will discuss what gamefowl farm is, the process of breeding, its key elements, and the reasons failure of the gamefowl farm business.

What Is a Gamefowl Farm?

In the US and Europe, a gamefarm is where animals are raised for hunting. This term is usually used in the US and some other nations. However, the game farm has a different meaning among the cockfighting community.

A game farm is where gamefowl is grown, kept, and trained for cockfighting, including gamecocks, fighting cocks, and gamefowl. An ordinary farm does not raise fighting cocks for sport. Stags are prepared to fight at facilities like a boxing gym (ring) in this area.

It also includes a large room with sheds for each type of bird. The number of birds the company is raising determines the size of the game farm. It may only be one thousand square inches. It can range from 1,000 square meters to at least 10 hectares.

What is the process of breeding?

Breeding and nurturing particular gamefowl breeds for fighting is often the focus of gamefowl breeding farms. Breeding involves the selective breeding of birds with desirable physical and behavioral characteristics, including:

  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Aggression
  • Fighting prowess

Breeders can also improve desirable traits and create kids with stable features by using artificial insemination and other breeding methods.

Many breeding operations train and condition the birds for cockfighting competitions, breeding, and raising gamefowl. To do this, special attention must be paid to how they eat, how they move, and where they live to maximize their physical and combat abilities.

It is crucial to mention that cockfighting is prohibited in many nations and areas, including the United States and Europe. 

What are the Key Elements and Tools for Gamefowl Breeding?

Gamefowl breeding demands dedication, expertise, and a lot of work, whether done as a pastime or as a means of support. If you’re considering beginning your farm, check to see if you have the proper lineage and some essential facilities and equipment. 

You’ll need a little more room than your backyard to create your gamefowl farm. You must ensure that the essential structures and tools are in place to improve the health and productivity of your gamefowl.

Training Tools:

  1. Cocks are usually trained through catch cocks or dummy training cocks to know where to hit a competitor. 
  2. Leg weights(gaffs & knives) are an additional tool for the scratch box. It teaches cocks how to move swiftly even when carrying more weight. 

Water and feeding supplies:

1. Always try to choose the right waterer or drinker for your gamefowl. You can easily pick choose between the following:

  • Standard pan and jar type
  • Water basin
  • Bell type
  • Nipple drinker
  • Manual drinker.

2. A linear feeder measure the feed so that breeders can ensure that feeding is recorded and the birds take enough. 

Housing & Training Facilities:

1. Cocks can hide when it’s raining or too hot. Usually, gamefowl houses are built using 

  • Cement
  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Plywood

The ideal size for a teepee is 2 ft. (width) by 4 ft. (height). Some tee-pees also come with a wooden perch where fowls may alight. 

2. Gamefowls with appropriate maturity are trained by competing against one another in a sparring area. A strong roof and flat ground make up the majority of the building. The performance of your game birds would also be substantially improved if you installed a sound and lighting setup that simulates the clamor and brightness of a real cockfighting ring: 

A) A sound system is recommended by expert gamefowl breeders while teaching cocks to fight. To prevent noise stress from impairing the cock’s effectiveness during the fight, this is done.

B) The lighting setup can also influence a gamefowl’s ability to fight in a real cockfighting ring. LED lighting that is really bright.  They are more prone to attacks because they frequently fixate on the bright light’s source.

3. Gamefowls can practice their footwork and build their thighs, knees and feet in a scratch box or a pen. The ideal size for a scratch box is 3 feet (width), 3 feet (length) and 3 feet (height), with plywood floors and cornshuck bedding.

4. A running pen should be 212 feet wide, 10 feet long, and 3 feet tall as an additional space for strengthening the thighs, knees, and feet. A net is the ideal covering for running pens.

5. Fly pens are primarily used for wing exercises. The optimal dimensions are 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 8 feet tall.

6. The purpose of keeping rooms is to separate gamefowl waiting to fight each other. The best conditions for the birds’ relaxation are maintained in the keeping rooms, which are dark, quiet, and comfortable temperatures.

Gamefowl breeding farms’ products and services include:

Along with breeding and raising gamefowl, many farms also provide services like

  • Selling breeding stock
  • Advice on breeding
  • Training methods
  • Training and conditioning for other people’s birds

Even though cockfighting is prohibited in many places. There are still gamefowl breeding farms where it is permitted, or the law is not strictly upheld. However, animal rights organizations have been exerting more pressure to outlaw cockfighting and close down gamefowl breeding farms, citing worries about animal cruelty and the detrimental effects on communities.

How Do I Start a GameFowl Breeding Business?

Breeding fighting cocks is a popular but risky industry in the Philippines, where game fowl are raised. Cockfighting is permitted in the country, one of the few sovereign states where it is allowed as long as the organizer receives the required licenses from the authorities.

Starting a game farm and breeding operation for gamefowl:

One of the most well-known figures in the nation’s gamefowl breeding is Rafael “Nene” Abello.

A game fowl breeding business has been started and operated by numerous people who have failed, just like any other conventional business. This is due to several reasons, which I will list below. 

7 Important Causes for a game farm to Fail:

1. Passionate but inexperienced:

Passion is not always synonymous with business. Hobbies don’t necessarily result in financial gain. Many people begin breeding because they believe they love game birds, yet they often fail due to a lack of experience. Others become fascinated because they wish to imitate their neighbor or friend producing goods. Failure is usually a result of having this mindset. 

2. Bloodlines with low quality:

Every gamefarm and game fowl breeding business depends simply on the caliber of the breeders for its success. Breeders began with high-quality birds when creating and breeding the most well-known breeds and bloodlines, such as Hatch, Lemon, Sweater, Kelso, Roundhead, and others.

Since premium broodcocks and brood hens are pricey. This is where most of your initial funds would be spent. Describe the broodcock. The term “broodcock” refers to a rooster with a successful bloodline utilized for breeding and was coined by Filipinos. When referring to horses, it is comparable to a stallion. 

3. A bad record in games:

This cannot be accomplished if the issue starts at point 2 above. One derby title might make or ruin a gamefarm. The game fowl breeding industry’s track record determines its level of success. Your ability to succeed in this kind of business depends only on you. Who would buy your goods if the Gamecocks were perpetual losers? None! Therefore, having quality breeders is essential for having quality fighting cocks.

4. Novice farmers:

Any company run and managed by novices will eventually fail. This is rather simple, so there is no need for a full explanation. Look for experienced handlers who have worked with other comparable farms and have a solid track record. The ideal handler comes from a productive farm.

5. Poor management and interest waning:

This is mostly due to the shortcomings mentioned above. The owner will likely lose faith and interest, which could ultimately result in the closure of the entire farm. He always loses if he cannot find a suitable bloodline or farm manager. When an owner is not “hands-on” or has a full-time job, such as:

  • Being an OFW or a senior government figure
  • They may rely significantly on slack farm managers

6. Insolvency brought on by gaming losses:

Cockfighting is a form of gambling, and gambling is addictive. Most successful breeders focused solely on breeding and shunned the industry’s gaming component.

A true breeder established his company intending to sell high-quality items rather than speculate with his operating funds and income.

Breeders participate in competitions and sports mostly for name recognition rather than financial gain. However, a businessman who enjoys gambling would bet on every cockfight without caring about the reputation of his game farm.

7. Disease and pandemic in poultry:

A whole farm could be destroyed if it is not properly managed. However, this is extremely uncommon. Theft is another aspect. Because gamefowl thieves are common, you should consider your property’s safety and security before starting a business or constructing a farm.

It is simpler to avoid these situations now that you know why a game farm business may fail. After that, we can continue with other aspects of preparation.

Name Of Top 10 Filipino Gamefowl Breeders

  1. Nene Aguilar Breeding Farm
  2. Doyet Lapido of DL Gamefarm
  3. Rafael Nene Abello of RGA Gamefarm
  4. Raffy Campos and Edwin Arañez of RED Gamefarm
  5. Edwin Dela Cruz of AEJ Gamefarm
  6. Atong Ang of AA Cobra Gamefarm
  7. Lancelot de la Torre of – Red Foot Gamefarm
  8. Sonny Lagon of Blue Blade Gamefarm
  9. Dante Hinlo of  DVH and Sons 
  10. Biboy Enriquez of Firebird Gamefarm

Wrap up:

To run efficiently, gamefowl breeding farms need specialized training and experience and may also provide services like selling breeding stock and training and conditioning for birds. The controversy surrounding gamefowl breeding farms arises from worries about animal cruelty and the harmful impact on communities, but advocates claim that it is a legitimate sector that contributes to the preservation of particular varieties of gamefowl and offers jobs for many people.

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