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Far Cry 6: All You Need To Know About Digital Cockfight War 🐓 In 2023

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Far Cry 6, a cockfight game, has recently been released, and players are looking for all there is to do in the game. The cockfighting minigame is one of the games with more unique features.

In the Far Cry 6 cockfighting game mode, you take control of one rooster and attempt to claw and peck your opponent to death as he screams in pain and flaps his bloodied feathers.

In this article, we will describe what kind of game is cock fry 6, its features, and how to play & win, and many, many more. So keep reading to get a complete guideline about this digital cockfight. 

What Kind Of Game Is Far Cry 6?

A minigame called “Cockfighting” in Far Cry 6 allows players to participate in rooster battles.

The presence of this event in the game has drawn criticism from animal rights groups. However, cockfighting is an act of animal cruelty that is illegal in many nations.

The decision to participate in this gaming activity is entirely up to the player. One can play this game on a variety of gaming platforms, including such as:

  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Stadia

It is the sixth Far Cry game in the Ubisoft-created and -published franchise.

How Can A Player Participate In A Cockfight In Far Cry 6?

How Can A Player Participate In A Cockfight In Far Cry 6?
Source: spieltimes

Visiting specific areas on the game’s map will give you access to the cockfighting minigame in Far Cry 6.

Players can gamble on the results of rooster battles that are not legal. Players are given roosters in the game, which they can train and improve to better their chances of winning.

Players must choose a rooster to compete with and wager on the fight’s outcome to participate in a cockfight.

The fights are automated, and the game’s algorithm decides how they turn out. Gamers can win money by placing bets on the winning rooster or having their own rooster triumph.

What Are The Far Cry 6 Game App’s Best Features? (while Playing, Don’t Ignore 5th Feature😎)

The Far Cry 6 gaming app has a few elements that Ubisoft, the game’s developer, has highlighted as its highlights:

  1. Vast open world:

The game is placed in a huge open world. Players can explore and interact with various people, groups, and animals.

  1. Story:

According to Far Cry 6, the game’s plot will focus on the main Dani Rojas’ battle with fellow guerrilla fighters to oust cruel ruler Antón Castillo of the island.

  1. Characters:

The game has many characters, including Antón Castillo, The main antagonist, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, best known for playing Gustavo Fring in the television series Breaking Bad.

  1. Gameplay:

Far Cry 6 offers a variety of gameplay options, from stealth and strategy to intense combat, which should cater to different playstyles.

  1. Weapons and vehicles:

The game features many weapons and vehicles. Players can use it to navigate and survive the island’s dangerous terrain.

  1. Co-op play:

The game supports co-op play, allowing players to team up with friends to take on the game’s challenges together.

  1. Visuals:

Far Cry 6 promises stunning visuals and immersive environments that bring the island of Yara to life.

It’s important to note that these features are based on promotional material and game reviews before its release, and individual experiences may vary.

How To Play Far Cry 6? (5 Simple Steps🤷)

How To Play Far Cry 6 cockfight
Source: spieltimes

1. Players can access the cockfighting mini-game in Far Cry 6 by visiting particular locations on the game’s map and placing bets on the results of shady rooster fights.

2. To improve their chances of winning, players are given roosters in the game that can be trained and upgraded.

3. Players must choose a rooster to compete with and wager on the fight’s outcome to participate in a cockfight.

4. The fights are automated, and the game’s algorithm decides the outcome. Gamers can win money by placing bets on the victorious rooster or having their own rooster triumph.

5. You must interact with Ivan on the Montero farm to find the cockfighting. He practically shouts about the benefits of cockfighting. He is next to another NPC with a cockfighting-related subquest, so you can’t miss him.

How Do You Get Roosters?

How Do You Get Roosters?
Source: raising-happy-chickens

The character pick is the first step. Fortunately, the Roosters are only noticeably different from one another. Roosters are scattered over the area, and as you acquire one, you can access to a new character slot.  You’ll get your first rooster next to the arena, so getting to the minigame won’t be an issue.

Where To Find All Roosters In Far Cry 6? 

Far Cry 6 has 19 Roosters to find and unlock; the first 13 are scattered around Yara, and the latter six are Ubisoft Connect prizes

As you approach close enough to roosters in Far Cry 6, the minimap will also display a white crate sign next to them, letting you know you’re in the appropriate place.

You will unlock the Recrooster trophy or achievement once you locate all 13 hidden Roosters. This can be unlocked without using the six Roosters obtained through Ubisoft Connect. These are the locations of each Rooster in Far Cry 6:

NoRoster NamesRegionLocation
1FrostyCollect award
2ToastyCollect award
3El RivalCollect & Connect award
4La Bestia BlancaEsperanzaSearch in the Casas de Lodo Houses in Esperanza
5Sargento GalloCollect & Connect award
6El DragónCollect & Connect award
7El RebeldeCollect & Connect award
8La Muerte NegraValle de Oro – Cruz del Salvador – Segunda
9El HuevoEl EsteExplore the cliffside Local La Joya PDP Departments in Mirador Cape
10El Gallo MagnificoEl EsteExplore the Arrese Farm of Fernando Valley after preaching to Petra Toca
11HermosoEl EsteLook for the pens at Bonilla Farm in western Savanna Meadows
12La Bala De PlataEl EsteDiscover under the vigilant eye of Reinaldo at Álvarez Farm on the Vacía Shore
13La Muerta NegraValle De OroSearch the farm pens on the spaghetti western outskirts of Segunda
14El FénixValle De OroSearch under a community west of Muerte Point
15El PicoValle De OroSearch a chicken farm south of the Botanical Gardens of Yara
16PapacitoValle De OroExplore below a thatched-roof chicken coop in Castilo National Zoo
17El ÁguilaMadrugadaHunt along a mogote cliffside near the Cortina River in Winding Park
18El Dorado MadrugadaElvis Carballo in the Montero Farm Cockfighting arena at
19El RatoMadrugadaMontero Farm

Which Rooster is Best? 

Roosters Don’t Affect the Battle. The rooster you pick, though, won’t matter much and won’t have any impact on fighting.

You could probably button-mash your way to victory in a game. But, collecting all the roosters is worthwhile to obtain the Recrooster Trophy.

Additional Info About Far Cry 6:

Additional Info About Far Cry 6 cockfight
Source: gamerguides

You should avoid mashing on harder settings because one bad move could result in you eating a feathered combination.

The basic thing you must know is that the moves in the game have a considerable recovery time.

There is no blocking in this game, unlike in fighting games. You must, however, use the sidesteps with each movement. Three options are available to you: 

  1. A close attack
  2. A long strike
  3. A jumping attack

Each of these moves has unique characteristics, such as the following.

1. Quick Attack:

This attack, as its name suggests, has a very short range but a quicker recovery. This can combo into itself, but if you attack your opponent twice, they will be too far away to be hit again.

Because of this, you should be careful not to become used to slamming this for hits. Sidestepping in either direction will keep you safe; anything that isn’t pressing an attack button is the best defense.

If you want to develop a metre, think about spamming this while you have distance between you and your opponent. Try overswinging attacks to generate a metre.

2. Far Attack:

This move is effective if you carefully space out your opponents because it has a long wind-up and range. You should only use it when there is a distance between you and the CPU because it loses to most buttons due to its lengthy starting.

This a reminder that even though it could be tempting to employ the Far Attack after the two-hit Short combo since the wind-up is too long, the combo won’t work.

But, since the Far Attack’s range is so wide, you shouldn’t attempt to avoid it because it will still catch you. It has no tracking; thus, you should avoid it.

3. A jump attack

This has a better startup than a far shot but a much shorter range. Your rooster jumps down after floating in the air during the Jump Attack.

If your rooster is knocked down, you can hit it on waking up to surprise the CPU because it moves quickly enough.

Although it’s not much, the float provides the Jump Attack some tracking, so if you want to dodge left or right, you’ll need to time your sidestep, or you’ll eat the foot dive. If not, you can backstep far enough to avoid being caught by the jump strike.

How do you win cockfights in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry, 6’s cockfights, start rather simple, and you can probably just button-mash your way to victory. However, you’ll need to play more deftly and use all the tricks your Rooster can pull off as you advance through the tougher levels.

As mentioned above, your Rooster might dodge in any direction from one of three attack types: Close-Range, Long-Range, and Jump Attack.

Your Rage Bar will fill up if you take damage or miss attacks, enabling you to unleash a strong Gallo Super attack.

In most cockfights, it‘s advisable to trick your opponent into attacking you first, jump behind safety, and then launch a deadly strike like a long-range attack, jump attack, or your Super Gallo while it charges.

Even though it can seem easy, it might be incredibly tempting to keep attacking your opponent, especially when you’re playing a ridiculous game. If you close battles more tactically, you’ll advance further.

2 Basic Rules To Play in the cockfighting game:

Basic Rules To Play in the cockfighting game
Source: subliblog
  1. Best 2 out of 3:

There will be three rounds, and you must win two to avoid losing or having a tie-in the game.

  1. Timed Rounds:

90 seconds are allowed for each match. The rooster with the greater HP will win the round if there isn’t a clear winner within that time range.

Difficulty Levels and Prizes:

You can unlock Guerilla and Revolutionary after winning a game on the appropriate difficulty mode’s previous difficulty level.

CivilianBeginner100 Yaran Pesos
GuerillaIntermediate300 Yaran Pesos
RevolutionaryHarder500 Yaran Pesos
Boxing Belts Charm (1st win on Revolutionary)

Major Rooster Attacks:

Major Rooster Attacks:
Source: cs-tf

Your rooster will have three main attacks and one super attack, along with the ability to jump, avoid shots, and move up, down, left, and right.

Gallo SuperSuper / Finisher (heavy dmg)
Rooster RunShort-Range attack, agreements heavy dmg
Claw BounceJump attack, cover gap, deals med. Dmg
Beak AttackLong-Range attack deals low dmg
  1. Gallo Super:

The supers in the game are formed by filling up your fury meter. It has a shorter range than you’d imagine and moves similarly to the jump attack. 

You should use it to catch up on a life lead or double down to secure your victory because it deals large damage.

The rooster’s super move is called Gallo Super. This needs precision from your party and causes significant damage.

You could miss a strike and lose your Gallo Super if you aren’t positioned properly. Make sure the opponent is close by and looking in your approximate direction.

You must find all of the top Roosters hidden around Yara to win Cockfights in Far Cry 6, and they’re not always simple to find.

The game matches a variety of Roosters against one another in competitive one-on-one matches in the style of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Even extreme special attacks called Gallo Super attacks exist to cause more harm.

  1. Rooster Rush:

The close-range attack Rooster Rush causes significant damage. This attack won’t hurt your rooster much, so you can follow it up with another one or launch another Rooster Rush. You can avoid this attack by going around it.

  1. A Claw Leap:

A jump technique known as the Claw Leap will close the gap between you and the attacker. If you plan to spam this, you must develop a rhythm for tapping the buttons because it has a lengthy windup. Think about Tekken’s Eddy. This strike may slightly track the adversary.

You can avoid this attack by placing more space between yourself and the attacker or even dodging it.

  1. Beak Strike:

Beak Strike has a low damage output but is particularly effective at covering ground quickly. By avoiding this attack, you can defend against it.

Reviews About Far Cry 6:

Reviews About Far Cry 6 cockfight
Source: Youtube
  • Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 is a fully certified video game.
  • The game has the appropriate procedures to acquire the relevant certifications and licenses from different regulatory agencies. 
  • Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in the United States and similar organizations in other countries have given the game a rating.
  • It may limit its availability to specific age groups.


Fry cry 6 is a legal game that has gained the appropriate permits to be sold and distributed in various regions worldwide.

However, among players and animal rights groups, a mini-game called “Cockfighting” has sparked controversy and debate.

Note: It’s important to remember that cockfighting is illegal in many states because of laws against animal cruelty.

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