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All About Elizabeth Taylor Children – Complete Detailed

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Elizabeth Taylor, a renowned actress, business mogul, and humanitarian, hailed from both British and American heritage. She gained immense popularity for her iconic portrayal of Cleopatra in the 1963 film.

Notably, she made history by becoming the first actress to earn a staggering one million dollars for a single movie. Throughout her illustrious career, this Hollywood icon was honored with numerous prestigious awards, including three Academy Awards and four Golden Globe awards.

Sadly, Elizabeth Taylor passed away in 2011, leaving behind a remarkable legacy.Her four children and 10 grandchildren are still alive.

Elizabeth Taylor, known as Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, was born on 27th February 1932 in London, England.

She achieved great acclaim and won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a conflicted call girl in the film Butterfield 8 (1960). Even after her passing, Taylor’s family continues to expand.

Marital life of Elizabeth Taylor’s:

Elizabeth Taylor experienced a series of eight marriages with seven different men throughout her life. Unfortunately, she divorced from each of her marriages.

Here is a summary of her marital journey:

Conrad Hilton:

At the young age of 18, Elizabeth Taylor encountered and married her first husband, Conrad Hilton, a 23-year-old hotel heir. However, their union was short-lived, coming to an end in 1951.

Michael Wilding:

In 1952, Elizabeth Taylor entered into marriage with Michael Wilding, a British actor. The couple first crossed paths while she was filming Ivanhoe in England. Despite their significant age difference of 20 years, Wilding provided a sense of tranquility that Elizabeth sought. During their time together, they had two sons. However, their marriage concluded after five years, in 1957.

Mike Todd:

Shortly after her separation from Michael, Elizabeth Taylor encountered Mike Todd, a movie producer, and the two developed a deep connection. Despite their notable age difference of 25 years, they tied the knot in 1957. They were fortunate to have a daughter throughout their marriage.

Elizabeth later reflected on this relationship as her first significant love, as she shared in her memoir, Elizabeth Takes Off. The marital journey took a devastating turn when Mike Todd’s life was tragically cut short in a plane crash near Grants, New Mexico, on 22nd March 1958. At the age of 48, he was flying aboard his private plane, named the Liz, in New Mexico. 

Eddie Fisher:

Following the untimely passing of Mike Todd, Elizabeth Taylor sought solace in the arms of Eddie Fisher, a close friend of Todd’s and a renowned singer. Eddie was previously married to actress Debbie Reynolds when he began a relationship with Elizabeth. Taylor maintained that Fisher’s marriage to Reynolds was already experiencing difficulties prior to her involvement with Eddie.

Richard Burton:

During the filming of Cleopatra in Rome, Elizabeth Taylor and her co-star Richard Burton engaged in an extramarital affair that captured widespread attention and disapproval from the public. Elizabeth later recounted this period in her life in her memoir. “I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions, and I can’t pretend I didn’t know what I was doing when I became involved with Richard”

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton tied the knot in 1964 and welcomed a daughter named Maria through adoption. However, their marriage encountered difficulties, leading to their divorce in 1974. Despite the separation, the couple soon reconciled and remarried in 1975. Unfortunately, their second union proved to be short-lived, as they divorced once again in 1976.

John Warner:

Elizabeth Taylor entered into marriage with John Warner, a Virginia politician who went on to become a senator in 1979. However, the demands of the political lifestyle were not compatible with her own, leading to their divorce in 1982.

Larry Fortensky:

Afterward, Elizabeth Taylor entered into an unexpected relationship with Larry Fortensky, a construction worker who was 20 years younger than her. They crossed paths at the Betty Ford Clinic and eventually got married in 1991. However, their marriage came to an end in 1996, and Taylor made a firm commitment to never marry again. 

Her children:

Michael Howard Wilding, Jr:

Michael Howard Wilding, Jr., following in the footsteps of his renowned parents and younger brother, pursued a career in acting. Born on January 6, 1953, in Santa Monica, California, Wilding Jr. made appearances in several iconic films.

During the late 1950s to the 1980s, Wilding Jr. gained recognition for his roles in notable productions such as “Guiding Light,” “Dallas,” and “Deadly Illusion.” While there is limited information available regarding his personal life, his professional endeavors remain relatively undisclosed.

Wilding Jr., happily married to Brooke Palance since August 1982, shares one child with his wife. Prior to his marriage to Brooke, he was previously wedded to Betty Clutter.

Christopher Edward Wilding:

Christopher Edward Wilding, born on February 27, 1955, in Los Angeles, California, is the son of Elizabeth Taylor and her second husband, English actor Michael Wilding.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Wilding pursued a career in the entertainment industry as an actor. He gained recognition for his roles in films like “The Shadow,” “Overboard,” and “Tombstone.”

After gaining experience as an actor, Wilding transitioned into directing and film editing. In 2016, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that he had retired from editing films. Even though his Hollywood career had come to an end, it didn’t stop him from cherishing the industry that celebrated his late mother’s remarkable talent. Elizabeth Taylor was an iconic actress who received numerous awards.

Maria Burton:

The famous actor or actress had just one child that they legally adopted. The child’s name was Maria Burton, and she was born in Germany. When Maria turned three years old, she became part of the family while the actor or actress was married to their fourth spouse, Eddie Fisher.

After getting divorced from Fisher in 1964, the actor or actress got married for the fifth time. Their new spouse was Richard Burton, an actor from Wales. Richard legally adopted Maria and raised her as their own child. Maria then moved to Idaho and became involved in charitable work and designing clothes.

In addition to Maria, the actor or actress also has another child named Elizabeth Diane. Elizabeth’s father is a talent agent named Daniel S. Carson. The actor or actress and Carson got married in February 1981, but their relationship was often filled with difficulties and troubles. It’s been said that Carson took legal action against his spouse in 1986, trying to get custody of their child.

Carson also alleged that Burton secretly took Elizabeth Diane from their residence in Manhattan, New York, and relocated their daughter to Taylor’s home in Los Angeles. He further asserted that his wife during that period was both “harmful and irresponsible.” The current whereabouts of Burton remain unclear, but Carson made a formal request to address the matters of custody and visitation. Nevertheless, their divorce and custody proceedings were still ongoing at that time.

Liza Todd:

Liza Todd, who was born to Taylor and her third husband, Mike Todd, a theater and film producer, leads a private life. However, she has gained recognition as a renowned sculptor, particularly in the realm of equestrian art. Her passion for horses was ignited during her youth while residing in England and Switzerland.

Todd pursued her artistic education at Hornsey College of Art in London and later at the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. Although she initially focused on painting horses, since 2016, her artistic endeavors have revolved around sculpting African wildlife, particularly orphaned elephants.

Her distinctive sculptures have captivated art enthusiasts and have been exhibited across the United States and Europe. Noteworthy pieces can be found in private art collections as well as displayed at horse farms.

Taylor’s children, including Liza Todd, have evidently thrived in spite of the potential challenges associated with being raised by famous parents. They lead contented, successful, and tranquil lives, taking pride in their mother’s Hollywood career and achievements, even in her absence. This serves as a testament to their ability to navigate the potential pitfalls of growing up with a renowned parent.

It is evident that Elizabeth Taylor’s two daughters and two sons lead joyful, prosperous, and harmonious lives, unaffected by any potential inconveniences that could have arisen from their parents’ fame.

The Wilding brothers, Todd and Burton, take immense pride in their mother’s highly successful Hollywood career and the remarkable achievements she attained, even though she is no longer present to witness the profound legacy she has left behind.

1. Laela Wilding:

Laela, born on July 25, 1971, in Portland, Oregon, is a resident of the same city. She leads a life as a graphic designer and yoga instructor, sharing her talents and skills with the community. Laela resides in Portland with her family, and her parents are Michael Wilding Jr. and Brooke Palance.

2. Naomi Wilding:

Naomi, born in 1976, has established herself as a fashion director at Issue Magazine. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, actively contributing to the foundation’s important work. Naomi is married to Anthony Gran, who oversees the Wilding Cran Gallery located in Los Angeles. Notably, she is the sister of Laela.

3. Caleb Wilding:

Caleb Wilding, born in 1983, holds the distinction of being Elizabeth Taylor’s first grandson. He was lovingly adopted by his parents, Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty. Notably, Caleb’s maternal great-grandfather is the renowned oil tycoon J. Paul Getty.

4. Andrew Wilding:

Andrew Wilding, born in 1984, holds the distinction of being Elizabeth Taylor’s second grandson. He is Christopher Wilding and Aileen Getty’s second child. Andrew has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, pursuing multiple creative endeavors. He works as a producer and cinematographer, showcasing his talents behind the scenes. Additionally, Andrew has ventured into acting, appearing in two films titled “Freestyle” and “Dead on Thursday.”

5. Tarquin Wilding:

Tarquin, born in 1989 in Los Angeles, California, shares a special bond as the half-brother of Laela and Naomi Wilding. He is the third child of Michael Wilding Jr. and Brooke Palance, whose father is the renowned actor Jack Palance. Following in his grandmother’s footsteps, Tarquin pursued a career in acting. Notably, he has appeared in films such as “Silent But Deadly,” “Shameless,” and “In Between.” Tarquin also actively participates in the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, joining his cousins in their commitment to the cause.

6. Lowell Wilding:

Lowell Wilding, born in 1991, is the son of Christopher Wilding and Margaret Carlton. He plays a significant role in preserving his grandmother’s legacy and work. Lowell works diligently at the Elizabeth Taylor Trust, where he is involved in compiling and organizing the Elizabeth Taylor Archive. In addition to his archival responsibilities, he carries forward his grandmother’s humanitarian efforts as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Lowell’s commitment to his grandmother’s causes reflects his dedication to making a positive impact on the world.

7. Quinn Tivey:

Quinn, born in 1986 in New York, U.S., embarked on a path in the film industry. He pursued his passion by studying film at USC (University of Southern California) and gained valuable experience as an assistant to one of the producers of the 2010 film “The Company Men.” Apart from his involvement in the film world, Quinn holds important roles within The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. He serves as both an officer and an ambassador for the foundation, contributing to the cause his grandmother held dear. Quinn’s parents are Liza Todd and Hap Tivey.

8. Rhys Tivey:

Rhys, born in 1991 in New York, possesses remarkable musical talent in the realm of jazz. He has established himself as a skilled trumpeter, vocalist, singer, and songwriter. One can often find him captivating audiences with his soulful performances at Gallagher’s Steak House in the vibrant Times Square. As the younger brother of Quinn, Rhys shares a deep passion for music and continues to pursue his artistic journey in the music industry.

9. Elizabeth Carson:

Tailor, the daughter of Maria Burton from her first marriage to Daniel S. Carson, holds the distinction of being Elizabeth Taylor’s ninth grandchild. Born in 1982, she carries her grandmother’s name as a proud testament to their familial connection. Tailor has embraced a path of humanitarian work in New York, dedicating her efforts to making a positive impact on the world. As an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, she actively supports the foundation’s mission and endeavors. Tailor is also a loving mother to her 19-year-old son, Christian.

10. Richard McKeown:

Richard McKeown, born in 2001, holds the distinction of being Elizabeth Taylor’s youngest grandchild. He is Tom McKeown and Maria Burton’s son.78 While limited information is available about Richard, reports from Wales Online suggest that he experienced a tumultuous upbringing. His mother took legal action by filing a restraining order against his father, indicating a challenging situation within the family.


How many grandchildren did Elizabeth Taylor have?

Elizabeth Taylor had a total of ten grandchildren.

Did any of Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren follow in her footsteps in the entertainment industry? 

Yes, some of Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren pursued careers in the entertainment industry.

Final words:

In conclusion, Elizabeth Taylor’s life was filled with fame, success, and a tumultuous love life. With eight marriages and four children, her personal journey was as captivating as her iconic Hollywood career. Despite the challenges, her children have thrived, pursuing their own paths and carrying on their mother’s legacy. Taylor’s profound impact on the entertainment industry and her humanitarian efforts continue to inspire and resonate today.

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