Cockfighting Traditions And Rituals

A Guide About Cockfighting Traditions And Rituals 2023

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In the Philippines, cockfighting is known as sabong and has become an official hobby.
It is a popular type of gambling and entertainment. It is commonly associated with masculinity.
Sabong has several customs and rituals, such as:

  • The usage of particular breeds of roosters
  • The wearing of lucky charms
  • The reciting of prayers before a match

Sabong is Controversial but still in use:

For many years, cockfighting has been a matter of contention. At the same time, it is seen as a cultural practice in several regions of the world.

Animal welfare groups and governments from all over the world generally criticize it. Many countries, including the United States, forbid the practice when federal law prohibits it.

In a Cockfight ring, two roosters fight against each other until one is dead. The roosters have been trained and are ready for battle.

They are taking performance-enhancing chemicals to improve their aggression and endurance. The battles take place in a small ring or pit, and spectators wager on the outcome.

Cultural Entertainment:

Cockfighting is seen as entertainment in some cultures. Moreover, it’s also a way to assess the bravery and skill of the roosters. For Example:

Cockfighting represents
Source: subliblog
  • Cockfighting represents the conflict between good and evil in Bali, Indonesia.
  • It commonly participates in religious activities to please the gods, and roosters are valued animals.
  • Cockfighting is a way to honor the Gods and obtain their favors in this environment.
  • It is also known as gambling because large sums of money are wagered on the fights. Because the winning rooster can fetch a high price. Some individuals see cockfighting as a way to make a career.

Although animal protection societies always condemned cockfight. They consider it a brutal and inhumane act. The roosters are target to great physical and emotional stress during battle. They frequently suffer serious injuries or death. Such as:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Organized crime

Culture refers to the values, customs, and social behavior of a people or society.
It has an impact on their beliefs, values, sense of humor, and also their hopes, concerns, and fears. Sabong is related to various customs and rites, including the following:

The utilization of specific rooster breeds:

Different breeds of a rooster were specifically raised in the Philippines for cockfighting. Breeders and enthusiasts value these cock’s power, agility, and fighting skills.

The use of lucky charms and amulets:

Some sabong fans believe in the power of lucky charms and amulets. They may wear bracelets, necklaces, or other small items required to bring them good luck and keep them safe.


Certain sabong fans may repeat prayers or other religious rituals to seek heavenly protection and direction before a match.

Using gaffs or knives:

Using gaffs or knives:
Source: Using gaffs or knives:

In some kinds of cockfighting, the roosters’ legs are armed with sharp blades known as gaffs or knives. These weapons are a tricky and unlawful part of the practice. Because they are used to seriously harm or kill the opponent.


One of the most significant components of sabong is gamecock breeding. Breeders take excellent care in choosing the best birds and keep their bloodlines intact.

Some breeds are praised for their fighting prowess and are seen as essential for a successful sabong business.

Care and Training:

Gamecock owners take excellent care in feeding, training, and conditioning their birds. Roosters are typically given a special diet and exercise program to help them get strength and stamina.
Owners will also train their birds in various ways, such as:

  • Sparring with other roosters
  • Running
  • Swimming

Opponent selection:

Before a cockfight, the owner of a gamecock must select an opponent. This method considers the opponent’s fighting ability, size, weight, and other criteria. The owner will then put a wager on their bird and watch the combat unfold.

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Gambling is an important aspect of sabong, and significant sums of money can be bet on the outcome of a fight. On the chosen rooster, spectators will place bets. The odds may change based on the two roosters’ relative power and talent.

Sabong Rituals and Superstitions:

Some attackers believe in the potency of specific sabotages and superstitions. They may, for example, wear lucky amulets, recite prayers, or engage in other rituals to bring good luck to their bird. They may also employ specific oils, herbs, or other items to improve the combat skills of their bird.

Note: Cockfighting, especially sabong, is illegal in many countries. Animal welfare organizations, therefore, consider it animal abuse. It causes undeserved misery and harm to the roosters involved. Moreover, it is not a legal kind of sport or entertainment.

Wrap up:

So cockfighting may be culturally and historically significant in some parts of the world. However, it is typically criticized as an immoral and unethical approach that results in needless animal suffering. The importance of promoting animal welfare and looking for alternative forms of entertainment that do not involve animal cruelty is too stressed.



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