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Complete Info About Cockfighting Rules And Regulations 2023

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Undoubtedly, cockfighting is one of the most famous sports in the world. It is taking place illegally in:

  • South
  • Central America
  • Africa
  • Asia

Only the Philippines identifies it as a legitimate national sport. Cockfighting is legal in Peru and strictly regulated by the government. 

Lima is home to most of the country’s pits (collisions). Cockfighting is both legal and illegal in the Philippines, depending on where the game takes place and the level of competition.

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed the “Cockfighting Law of 1974.” No changes have been made to the national law regulating the sport.

In a cockfight, age, players’ age matters. The maximum age is 21 on the grounds of the cockpits during cockfights. 

What is a hack fight? 

A ‘hack fight’ is a standard one-on-one fist fight. Before the hack fight starts, each cock has a 3-inch, razor-sharp blade clip to its leg.

So they can hurt each other; a fight to the death would last an eternity without a blade. There are now two more chickens in the ring.  As a result, They can pounce on rival birds to help the fighters.

Their role is similar to that of a boxing manager. Then they scrape each other up to communicate to the other, “You must kill the other one.”

In this article, we will discuss the rules and regulations of cockfighting, when the rules were revised, and many more. So keep reading, cockfighter lovers. 

9 Best Cockfighting Rules & Regulations:

Cockfighting is mostly done legally and illegally in the Philippines, according to the guidelines for Cockfighting Rules and Regulations below.

1. 3 Major Policy Declaration: (2nd is important)

The government has declared that its policy is to ensure the maximum development and promotion of wholesome entertainment in the New Society in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Successfully controlling and regulating cockfighting in order to make it a national pastime, a source of entertainment, and a form of relaxation.
  • A boost in funding for our tourism action plan.
  • It is necessary to stop and avoid a lot of too much unfair gambling.

2. Framework:

This law will regulate the ownership, construction, use, and maintenance of cockpits.

3. 6 Basic Definition of Terms: 

As used in this law, the following terms shall have the following meanings, applications, and constructions:

  • Commonly known:

Cockfighting shall include and refer to the commonly known game or term “cockfighting derby, pintakasi, or tupada,” or its equivalent terms in various Philippine locales.

  • Zoning Legislation or Rules:

Either national or local city or municipal legislation logically arranges, prescribes, defines, and allows a given political subdivision into specific land uses based on current and projected future needs.

  • Promoter’s Bet Taker:

A person who calls and handles bets from owners of both gamecocks and other bettors before ordering the start of the cockfight. And then distributes winning bets to the winners after deducting a certain commission.

  • Gaffer’s (Taga Tari):

A skilled professional in arming fighting cocks with gaffs or gaffs on either or both legs.

  • Referee (Sentenciador):

A person who observes and monitors the proper gaffing of fighting cocks, as well as determines the physiological condition of fighting cocks during cockfighting. The injuries sustained by the cocks, and their ability to continue fighting, decides and make known his decision by word or gestures. The result of the cockfight by announcing the winner or declaring a tie or no contest game.

  • Bettor (llamador/lyamador/Kristo):

A person who wants to attend cockfights and bet with other bettors or through the bet taker or promoter using money or other valuables.

4. 6 Types Of Cockfighting and Cockpits: Generally speaking:

  • Cockpit ownership, operation, and management. Cockpits only own, manage, and maintain from Filipino citizens who are not ban from doing so by other laws. Collaboration for financial gain is incentivised.
  • The construction of the cockpit:

Only one cockpit is allow in each city or municipality, except for cities or municipalities with populations greater than 100,000, where two cockpits are perhaps set, maintained, and operated.

  • Cockpits Construction and Site:

Construction and use of cockpits must take place in the proper locations. According to Development Control Law or Ordinance. Without legislation or ordinance, local officials must ensure that no cockpits are built within or near existing. 

  1. Residential or commercial areas
  2. hospitals
  3. school buildings
  4. churches
  5. other public structures

Owners and lessees of existing cockpits that do not meet this requirement have three years from this Decree’s effective date to comply. The city or provincial engineer must approve, or issue building permits for cockpit construction. In accordance with their respective building codes, ordinances, or engineering laws and practices.

  • Cockfighting Events:

Cockfighting is only allow in lawful cockpits on Sundays, legal holidays, and during local fiestas for three days unless otherwise specified in this Law.

The province hosting the cockfighting event has approved cockfight rules and regulations. It may also last for three days during the following times:

a provincial

  1. City
  2. Municipal
  3. Agricultural
  4. Commercial
  5. Industrial fair
  6. Carnival
  7. Exposition

With the Chief of Constabulary’s or his authorized representative’s permission Provided. 

However, cockfighting is not allowing during the month of local festivities or on more than two occasions per year in the same city or municipality. Furthermore, no cockfighting shall take place on:

  1. December 30 (Rizal Day)
  2. June 12 (Philippine Independence Day
  3. November 30 (National Heroes Day)
  4. Holy Thursday, Good Friday
  5. Election or Referendum Day
  6. December 31 (Rizal Day)
  • Cockfighting for Tourist Entertainment or Charitable Purposes: 

The Chief Police Department also permits cockfighting to entertain foreign tourists or returning Filipinos, known colloquially as “Balikbayans.” This is for national charitable fund-raising campaigns. The Office of the President authorizes it in licensed chow halls upon a provincial board and municipal council resolution.

  • Other cockfighting games are recommended. 

Gambling of any kind is not permitted at the cockfighting venue.  The manager of such cockpit and any violators of this injunction will face criminal charges under Section 8.

5. 4 Officials incharge of cockfighting:

The city or municipality where the cockfighting is taking place must first give the following: 

  • The gaffers
  • Referees
  • Bet takers
  • Promoters a renewable license every year on the month of their birth.

Cities and municipalities may impose a tax of up to twenty pesos. Only officials, gaffers, referees, bet-takers, or promoters may officiate in any type of cockfighting permitted by this Rule.

6. Cockpit Licensing:

Permits for using and maintaining cockpits are perhaps issues from city and municipal officials. So with the approval of the Chief of Constabulary or his legal representative. Ordinances approve the imposition and collection of taxes and fees not exceeding the rates for this purpose.

7. Penal Provisions: (Dont Ignore 2 steps)

Any violation of the regulations of the rules and regulations promoted by the Chief of Constabulary by them will result in the following penalties:

  • When the offender is a financier, cockpit manager, gaffer, referee, or bet taker during cockfights, they are guilty of permitting, promoting, or taking part in any other form of gambling in the mindset of cockpits during cockfights. The offender is guilty of participating in any other type of gambling on the premises of cockpits during cockfights.
  • If there is any other offender, the court may impose a fine of not less than 600 pesos, more than 2000 pesos, or both, with additional jail time due to bank failure.

8. Vetoing Power:

This Law now repeals or modifies the provisions of Republic Act No. 946, Sections 2285 and 2286 of the Revised Administrative Code, as amended, Article 199 of the Revised Penal Code, rules and regulations, and orders that conflict with this Decree.

9. Date of Inception:

This Declaration will go into effect fifteen (15) days after it is published in the Official Gazette.

Cockfight Rules & Regulations Are Revised  In 2019:

It is essential that the law must revise after 45 years

  • To address new issues
  • Address challenges
  • Open up new opportunities

A new law is needed to provide measures and standards that ensure fairness in the conduct of sports. While also ensuring that the govt gets its fair share of funding charitable programs.

Top 4 Revised Cockfight Rules & Regulations In 2019 

The prompt approval of this proposed bill is sincerely desired and advised focusing on the above-mentioned particular location.

  1. The “Revised Cockfighting Law of 2019” shall now become the name of this Act.
  2. The proposed bill allows districts to hold cockfights outside certified cockpits during festivities and other holidays.
  3. This Act manages cockpit formation, operation, maintenance, and ownership.
  4. The State declares its policy to preserve local customs and traditions promoting national identity and effectively regulate cockfighting as a national recreation. Moreover it maximizes its potential as a revenue source for tourism and charitable programs.

Wrap up:

It was in 1974 that the Cockfighting Law was passed. But the law was revised in 2019 for the latest changes and to make the cockfight rules & regulations more better. 

Cockfight  is known sabong as a “popular, traditional, and customary form of recreation and entertainment among Filipinos.”

So that should serve as a “conveyance for the preservation of native Filipino heritage and, as a result, enhance our national identity.” It is all Cockfighting Rules and Regulations. Cockfighting is illegal, but it is allowed in registered cockpits.

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