Cockfighting Gaffs And Knives

Cockfighting Gaffs And Knives: 8 Types & Sabong Rules 2023

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The purpose of using cockfighting gaffs and knives is to improve the roosters’ capacity to cause fatal wounds to their opponents.

The gaff is attaching to the leg of the rooster, which is pointed, sharp metal spikes that replace its natural claws.

The length of the gaffs is approximately two inches. The purpose of cockfighting gaffs is to cut and slice the opponent during a battle.

Typically made of steel, titanium, or other metals, they have an edge that resembles a razor.

Cockfighting knives are blades that are strapped or taped to the rooster’s legs. The length of knives varies.

It can be several inches long and is meant to cause deep and fatal wounds during the fight. Cockfighting knives are made of metal, plastic, or even broken glass.

It is important to quote that cockfighting is illegal and unethical, and using gaffs and knives in this activity is inhumane and cruel to the roosters involved.

Cockfighting is illegal in many countries, and those caught participating in it may suffer legal consequences.

In this article, we will talk about what cockfighting gaffs and knives are, is it legal, and their different types. 

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8 Types of cockfighting gaffs and knives:

Cockfighting Gaffs And Knives
Source: bbc

Cockfighting is an illegal and cruel activity that involves training roosters to fight to the death for entertainment.

It is important to note that using, possessing, or selling cockfighting gaffs and knives is also illegal in many countries.

Different types of cockfight gaffs and knives have been used in cockfighting in the past. Here are some examples:

1. Filipino-style gaffs: 

Filipino-style gaffs
Source: stuff

These are long and slender gaffs made of metal or bamboo. The length of the gaff can reach three inches and tapers to a tip. 

2. Mexican-style gaffs:

These are shorter and thicker than Filipino-style gaffs. They are metallic, with a broad base that tapers to the top. They typically have up or down, sharp edges to damage the target more.

3. Single-edged knives: 

These blades have a single sharp edge and are hooked to the rooster’s leg. They are normally curvy and can get up to 2 inches long. They are equipped to battle fatal, serious cuts.

4. Double-edged knives:

cockfighting gaffs and knives Double-edged knives
Source: elpasotimes

The rooster’s legs have blades with sharp edges on both sides. Up to three inches long, the knife does as much harm as possible during a fight.

Cockfighting is an illegal and unethical activity that involves breeding and training roosters to fight to the death. It is important to discourage such activities and instead promote animal welfare and ethical treatment of animals.

5. American-style gaffs:

These are metal gaffs that are brief and substantial. The gaff’s length is about two inches, and its purpose is to severely injure the competitor. They typically have a sharp tip and are straight or barely curved.

6. Thai-style gaffs:

Gaffs in Thai consist of metal or bamboo and are longer and thinner than other gaffs. They may stretch up to 4 inches long and are made to harm the adversary as much as possible. They generally have a sharp tip and an upward curve.

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7. Ice pick-style gaffs:

Ice pick-style cockfighting gaffs are short and straight gaffs that resemble an ice pick. They are made of metal and can be up to 2 inches long. They are design to penetrate deeply into the opponent and cause fatal injuries.

8. Spur knives:

Cockfighting Spur knives are attached to the rooster’s natural spurs instead of the legs. Its size is up to 2 inches long and is design to cause deep and fatal wounds during the fight.

What Are The Sabong Rules? (Must Check Out 2nd Step)

Sabong Rules
Source: sportbetting
  1.  It is unlucky for a female guest to arrive on the day of the cockfight. 
  2. On Sabong Day, avoid sweeping the floors of the home. 
  3. Avoid cockfighting on Fridays.
  4. Avoid wearing trousers with a hole in a pocket to the cockfight.


Cockfighting gaffs and knives are illegal and unethical, and the use of this activity is inhumane and cruel to the roosters. Numerous countries have declared it illegal, and anyone caught participating may suffer legal consequences.

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