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What Is A Cockfighting Fly Pen? – All You Need To Know About

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Many people like raising and exhibiting chickens and other poultry species at fairs and poultry shows. Some simply like raising them as backyard pets and for daily fresh eggs.

A cock owner who has prepared his cock for a fight must give the cock the appropriate amount of room.

The purpose of the cockfight flying pens is to make the cocks’ wings stronger, and the more frequently he flies to the roost pole, the more exercise he gets. Fly pens are mostly used for wing exercise. The purpose of keeping rooms is to separate game birds who are awaiting a fight.

This article will explain what a cockfighting fly pen is, what it is used for, how to create one, and other things.

What Is A Cockfight Fly Pen?

When birds cannot freely move, the cock fly pen is an excellent alternative. The rooster will have space to fly in a fly pen.

A run pen’s height is sufficient to keep the animals out of reach of a predator’s paw. An 8 by 10-foot space with a height of 8 feet would be a standard fly pen.

What Is A Fly Pen Used For?

Flight pens are an investment in game bird control. The major goal of the time and resources invested in flight enclosures is to keep enemies out and game birds in.

You still need to understand how to manage the cover offer, even though it seems really simple. Because after the pens are constructed, the process is not finished.

Although it keeps your larger chickens from damaging or assaulting your younger chicks, it allows them to see and smell them.

How To Make A Cockfighting Fly Pen? 6 Easy Steps 

How To Make A Cockfighting Fly Pen?
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Here are a few brief, generic building instructions for a fly pen. Use these suggestions to design and construct the best fly pen for your area.

  1. Decide Your Space
  2. Create your framework and vertical posts
  3. Attach the top and mid supports.
  4. Build the door frame.
  5. Glue the chicken wire.
  6. Build Roosting Posts

Pro tip: Screw or attach a thin board to the post and tilt it against the ground to keep the post at a 90-degree angle.

Why Does Cockfighting Need A Fly Pen? (5th Step Is Important)

Why Does Cockfighting Need A Fly Pen
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Cockfighting fly pens are not the ideal type of pens since cocks prefer when they can run, scratch, and dig on the ground.

  1. The cocks won’t get the required activity if there isn’t room for a regular run.
  2. They won’t survive as long but will probably still lay some eggs.
  3. Each chicken needs 8 to 10 square feet of ground space in its run. Yet not all houses have this much room.
  4. Instead of building out, the solution is to build up.
  5. A fly pen is a tall, enclosed cage with varying-height horizontally-spaced pieces of wood or other material.
  6. This gives roosters a place to fly up and roost, allowing them to separate from one another and an opportunity to exercise when they can’t run.
  7. They grew there and had long lives.
  8. Cockfighting fly pens must be at least 8 feet tall, but 10 feet is preferable.
  9. The fly pen is frequently attached to the primary cage.
  10. cockfighting fly pen requires 2 to 3 square feet.

What Methods Do You Use To Keep Cockfighting Pens Clean?

Spray your entire cage with your hose or a cleaner. Applying extra pressure to the area can soften covered poop and make it easier to scrape off afterward.

Do not use bleach, always! Clean everything up; remove any caked-on excrement with your brush and scraper.

How Far Can A Rooster Fly?

Depending on the breed, roosters can fly 40 to 50 feet and grow to about ten feet. A modern chicken’s longest flight was 13 seconds long and covered over three hundred feet.

Wrap Up:

So, a cockfighting fly pen is design to provide good exercise for roosters when there isn’t enough area on the ground for a significant range. You build up rather than out in a fly pen. 

Fly pens are useful with both hens and roosters. However, they are more frequently used with roosters.

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